How To Earn Money On Your Blog

A blog is little site which is so useful to share information and knowledge. We are sharing each information through this network. To create a blog, it is very easy. You only need visit Before you create  a blog, you must have E-mail address. You can fill and write interesting something which can useful for everybody.

Since the last decade, a blog have developed significantly. There are many people who use the blog to earn money. You exactly have known about Google AdSense. He is site of Pay Per Click (PPC) agenda from Google Inc. It is one of example to earn money from the blog, especially blogger. Exactly there are some methods to earn money on the blog. Each methods have specific characteristic and different types.

In this section, I want to give some information for you about how to make money online from your blog. This is simple way. You only need have writing skill, knowledge, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Following is my explanation.
 A blog is little site which is so useful to share information and knowledge How to Earn Money on Your Blog
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Participate on Pay Per Click (PPC) Program
If you have a blog which has intersting content and has high trafic, you can participate in Pay Per Click (PPC) Program. This is simple way and free to make money on your online content. You only need sign up on some sites which provide this program. One site which is very bonafide is Google AdSense, Chitika, and Bidvertiser.

After you have become a publisher in PPC site, you need replace their advertisements in your blog. If the advertisement is clicked by internet user, you will earn money. This is passive income and give you enjoy to work it. However, after you have become their publishers, you must keep obedient on Term Of Service (TOS). Many people have followed this program. They can get hundred dollar every month.

Create E-Commerce
You can also open E-Commerce on your blog. This way need product which can be bought on your blog. You can sell fashion, electronic, service, and others. Your blog is hoped to be designed correctly, so that your consument can become credible on your online shop.

This blog is completed customer service and some commercial product. To get your consument, you can advertise your online shop in Google AdWords or others. It is done to get new consuments.

Open Advertisement Space on Your Blog
I think this way is little difficult to be applied by you. You must increase your blog trafic before you sell your space to advertiser. If your blog have had high trafic, you can sell your space. This is so benefit but you need only keep your trafic so that it is consitent. Therefore, you must understand about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can apply SEO technique to increase your trafic both on page and off page.

Participate on Affiliate Program
The last way to earn moeny on blog is to participate in Affiliate Program. You can sign up on some sites which provide afiliate service like Amazon, Hotel Combined, and onthers. In this section, your task is to market their products to consument. If the product is bought by consument, you will get comission. Usually it is about 20-30% from product cost. You can replace afiliate banner or link in your blog. This is simple way, but it need long time to get money.

I think enough about my explanation. I hope you understand. This is simple tips which can be applied by you to earn money on your blog. So, thanks for your attention.

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